Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Nice Day at the Zoo...

Grandma Bunker and I arranged a surprise visit to the Como Park Zoo for Ivan. Grandma had to drive her bus to Como Zoo for a Field trip, so we met her at the Zoo. Ivan had a great time!! He likes to look at the animals and had a nice time playing @ Como Town. The weather has been cool so some of the animals were not outside yet so once the weather warms up, we will make another trip to the Zoo.

Going for a Giraffe Ride

Riding the Train at Como Town

Riding the Horse

Playing at Como Town

I am enjoying my time at home with Ivan. I am glad that I get to do special things with him.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Warm Spring Days....

Ivan has been enjoying the warm spring days that we have been having. He is so happy that it has not rained in the last few days, that it is hard to get him to come inside for lunch and a nap!!! He is also very happy that "Grandpa Jack's Tractor" is at our house. He always wants a ride on the tractor, but he will settle to just sit on it and drive himself. He also enjoys riding his tire swing pony along with his real pony.

Well, off to play outside!!!