Thursday, July 31, 2008


Our family has been busy.
Dan has been busy cutting, racking, and baling hay on the hay ground he rented with a guy from work. It has been an experience between the rain and the tractor not always cooperating. Dan has also been working many hours at Cemstone.
Ivan is a active almost 3 yr old. He enjoys playing outside with his tractors, and his pool. We have attended the Kanabec and Isanti County Fairs over the last couple of weekends, and Ivan has enjoyed the rides and seeing the animals. The Pine County Fair is this weekend, and Dan will be taking Ivan to see the animal and to ride the rides. Ivan's 3rd Birthday is coming up in 6 days and he is consistently telling anyone that will listen what he wants for his Birthday. He does not know that Grandma Bunker and I have already got it covered. He will be a happy boy on his birthday.
As for me, I have been taking it day by day. I am glad that my pregnancy with Ivan was easy because this one has not been. The nausea is gone but I still do not feel the greatest most days. I have been taking it day by day. I entered Rodeo in an Agility trial this weekend, and I am glad that it is in doors at the U of M instead of outside in the heat. I hope to enter 2 more trials before I take the winter off.
The past month has involved 2 difficult decision in our family. A few weeks ago, I made the decision to put my black Aussie, Ranger, to sleep. His life was becoming so filled with stress that it was affecting my other dogs, and the meds he was on was no longer helping. It was a hard decision, but I felt that it was in his best interest. It helps to know that he is at the Rainbow Bridge with my other Aussie, Ella, waiting for me. We buried him at the back of our property next to my beloved mare, Belle. The other is reguarding one of my horses. Most of you know of my love for horses and that we have several. I have a mare that I have been trying to get breed for the past 2 yrs. I was very hopeful this year, but after trying for 3 months, she is still not breed. I have been faced with the difficult decision of want to do with this mare since she is not rideable or breedable. I do not feel right about taking her to a sale and dumping her but I have no use for her at this point. I have decided to put her up sale privately in hopes of finding her a home. I believe that God has made us stewards of the animals on this earth, and that it is our responsibility to provide the best quality of care to the animals that have been entrusted to us.