Thursday, September 18, 2008

September 18

Jerry Haire
It is with great sadness and joy to let you know that Jerry Haire passed away on Wed., Sept 17, 2008 at his home in Lake Elmo. I have know Jerry since I was 11 yrs old and had only just saw him about a week and half ago. I first knew Jerry and his family when both of our families attended Ham Lake Baptist Church, and then for many years, I worked for Jerry riding, showing, and training his horses. It is from Jerry that I got my most beloved mare, Belle, my gray mare, Myrt, and my palomino mare and wedding gift from Jerry & Keta, Pebbles.

Jerry always treated me like "Gold", and I will miss him dearly. There was more than one time that we went on an "Jerry Haire Sponsored Trail Ride" or borrowed the truck and trailer to move or transport horses from one place to another. He was always willing to borrow out his horses, tack, trailer, or anything else that he had that we needed. I have many memories of horses and Jerry and I am glad to own 2 of those memories and the son of one of them. The horses that I have gotten from Jerry mean even more to me now. You can't walk out my front door and into my tack room without seeming something that has to do with Jerry and Stone Gable Farm.
The following pictures are some of the pictures of Jerry and Keta and the horses that have been in my life from Jerry.

Jerry and Keta @ our Wedding in 2004

Showing Rocky @ Champ Show

Pebbles as a foal. Pebbles was my wedding gift from Keta and Jerry and I still own her.

Stone Gable Farm - The Barn the way I remember it.

My beloved mare, Belle.

Ivan was also very fond of Jerry and called him the "Red Jerry" since he has Red Barns and a red truck. We had just been out to Jerry's about a week and half ago and Ivan got a ride on the tractor and the bobcat. Ivan talks about going to Jerry's all the time and asks when we can go again.

Ivan and I riding Myrt

This is one of my favorite pictures of Ivan and Dan in Jerry's Truck with the trailer in the back ground.

Jerry loved to hunt and fish, horses, his family and The Lord. I have no doubt, he is in heaven, and has already found the best fishing spot, the best hunting spots, and the best riding trails.
Our Family misses you very much Jerry, but I know that we will see you in heaven again one day!

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