Monday, December 22, 2008

Getting Caught Up.......

FALL 2008

Since I have not been keeping up with my blog, I thought I would get caught up now before the Christmas rush.....

At the end of September, Ivan and I went to the apple Orchard with Uncle Phil, Auntie Missy and Grandma and Grandpa Bunker. Ivan loves apples and could not eat them fast enough. He also loves to climb and play on all of the stuff they have for kids.


Ivan was a hunter for Halloween and we all went Trick or Treating in Grandma and Grandpa Bunker's neighborhood, since we only have 2 neighbors. It was fun to have my son Trick or Treat in the same neighborhood that I used to Trick or Treat in.

For Thanksgiving, we spent the day with my family and my extended family on my mom's side. It was nice to get together with everyone since we are not often together anymore.
The month started out with my 34th Birthday. Ivan and Dan took me out for dinner at Red Lobster and then we spent a quite evening at home. I have been working on getting things ready for Christmas and for the Baby Cooper.

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